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Vibratory Bowl Feeder


STAR TRACE Vibratory Bowl Feeder found extensive application for feeding automatic machine tools with separate blank and for the orientation for small blanks of the most complex configuration. The Vibration principle is employed for rectilinear travel of the blanks along a vibrating chute, for elevating the blanks along the helical ramp of a vertical vibratory conveyor with helical oscillation and for orienting blanks in vibratory –bowl feeders having single or multiple start helical track, or ramps, on the internal surface of a cylindrical bowl to which helical oscillations are imparted.
Under the action of the vibrations, the blanks are dispersed over the convex bottom of the bowl towards the walls where they enter the input end of the track along when they travel upward the orienting device allows only the properly oriented blanks to reach the delivery end of the track, all others are dislodged and drop back onto the bottom of the bowl.



Bowls have many distinct tooling features built into the basic bowl design, with tracks varying in width and shape to accommodate different types of components. These inherent features of the bowl are of great assistance, when bowl tooling is being developed to fulfill a specific tooling application.

Drive for bowl feeder

All drive units are correctly engineered to give stable performance at high speed with minimum maintenance. Standard units are turned to give vibrations frequency of 100 cycles per second. Totally encapsulated type coils are used.

Control for bowl feeder

Every drive unit is supplied with separated control box, with which, it is possible to control the speed of the feeder infinitely. Standard units are suitable for electrical supply of 230 Volts, 50HZ.

Are available in different size with:

  • Electronic Amplitude Controller,
  • Required power supply 220V, 50Hz.
  • Suitable passive and active tooling for orientation and feed.
  • Cast Aluminum bowls for symmetrical and regular shaped components,
  • Fabricated stainless steels bowls for irregular shaped components,
  • Bowl mounted on sets of leaf springs secured to a heavy base with rubber feet.
  • Clockwise or Anti- clockwise helical tracks in bowls of cylindrical,conical and step construction


  • Linear tracks with escapement device
  • Special wear - resistant coating on tracks for low noise,
  • Electronic sensing and pneumatic jets for automatic feed level control.
  • Variable Frequency, Variable Amplitude (VFVA) Controller for very high feed rates,


Standard light duty Models:

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Specifications