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STAR TRACE Pvt Ltd Chennai Based Indian Manufacturer of Vibrating equipments


Vibrating Tumbler
For Fractionating, dedusting, filtering, control screening, dewatering, and separation of powders and liquids.


STAR TRACE Vibrating Tumbler Screening Machines are built for continuous operation with up to 3 decks.

A vibrating motor in the center of the bottom pan creates the high frequency three dimensional tumbling movements. The motor is greased once for its life and is maintenance-free. The screen body is vibrating freely and connected to the base by steel springs. MTS-V 600 and 900 are equipped with clamp screws for quick manual dismantling without tools. with 2B Finish, brushed inside and outside.


Vibrating Tumbler

  • designed for food and
  • pharmaceuticals
  • low noise level
  • low foundation loads
  • low energy consumption
  • practically maintenance-free
  • simple adjustment to the product