Star Trace Vibrating Table, ElectroMagnetic & ElectroMechanical Vibrating Tables

STAR TRACE Pvt Ltd Chennai Based Indian Manufacturer of Vibrating equipments


Vibrating Table

STAR TRACE Vibrating Tables are designed to settle and compact dry bulk materials in various types of containers. Their application provides either a sizeable increase in the net weight of the container or reducing in the container size with subsequent savings in shipping and storage space.

STAR TRACE Vibrating Tables are available in two types Electromagnetic & Electromechanical. The choice of the proper type and model depends upon the application, characteristics of the material or objects being handled, its reaction to vibration, the maximum weight to be handled and the type of container.

Used For......

Fatigue Testing
Foundry Shake out
Chemical Compaction
Homogenising of paint
Frozen Food Compaction
Consolidation of Concrete
Weighing & Filling systems
Foundary Mold & Core Making
Portable Storage Bin Compaction
Plastic Pellet Resin Compaction...

Used in....

Paint Industries
Cement Industries
Chemical Industries
Electronic Indusries
Packaging Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Food Processing Industries....