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Turbo Ball Vibrator

» Used for flame proof / explosive areas & for under water duty.

» Works with industrial quality of compressed air and in dirty industrial conditions. Truly a fit and forget equipment.

» Find application in flow promotion, screening, compacting.

» Noise level of 80 db. Low starting pressures.

» Highest centrifugal force to self mass.

» Centrifugal force generated by whirling of spherical mass at high speed on a through toughened and super finished track using compressed air.

» Available in various sizes.

Trubo Ball Vibrator

Silent Turbine Vibrators

» Can be used where ever ball vibrators are used. Available in various size.

»Provides a stable vibration akin to an electric motor

» Low starting pressures not affected by orientation of vibrator

» Requires clean compressed air

» Virtually noise less (less than 65 db), can be used in laboratory environment also

»Improved version of the ball vibrators, works by the rotation of an unbalanced mass on a shaft, using compressed air

Silent Ball Vibrator