StarTrace Piston Impactors, Air Impactors, Pneumatic Pistons Oscillators

STAR TRACE Pvt Ltd Chennai Based Indian Manufacturer of Vibrating equipments


Piston Impactor


“STAR TRACE” Piston Impactors are developed to cater to applications Requiring linear pulsating forces.They are used to promote flow from small hoppers, Down feed Pipes & Chutes.


  • Easy Mounting.
  • Can be used in Hazardous areas.
  • Adjustable frequency and Vibration Amplitude.
  • Inexpensive/easy to install and maintenance free
  • Self cooling suitable for temperature upto 200 Deg.


Air Impactor Is otherwise called as Pneumatic Piston Oscillator. Piston is made to Oscillates by the changing Direction of flow. The Piston Mallets Continuously at one end while it is Cushioned at the other.
Impact produces considerable noise. But the Vibrator is run in short bursts and used for remote open air installations.
Since Impact has a high energy rate. It is effective in Dislodging stubborn material build-UPS.
This type of impactor works very well where traditional methods of malleting and poking the material are used.
Impact Air Vibrator
Piston Impactor Specification