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Electro Mechanical Feeder
"STAR TRACE" Heavy -Duty Vibro Motor Powered Vibratory Feeder is a High frequency reciprocating machine of heavy duty capable on conveying bulk material from storage to processing or between processes at a continuous controlled rate of flow. Thus Vibrating feeders are used in processing industries for handling all types of materials such as hot, damp, lumps, dusty or abrasive for various functions like flow material from storage, proportioning and blending, packaging, mixing, weighing, sprinkling, screening, scalping, crushing, washing, drying, heating, cooling, dusting, spreading, batching and etc.

"STAR TRACE" Heavy - Duty Vibrating Feeders can be supplied with base mounted over hanging or combined single motor drive or with twin dual or Dual twin motor drives or with multiple drives to serve as vibrating conveyors. These feeders are having a tray mounted on thedrive units. This drive unit is located beneath the tray.
"STAR TRACE" Vibratory Motors are used in Vibro feeders are totally enclosed 3 Phase, squirrel cage induction motors with adjustable, eccentric weights mounted at both the ends of the shaft to set up vibrations during rotaion. The design of shaft and the selection of bearings has been carefully done to withstand heavy radial loads. Two identical motors mounted parallel to each other on a right and left, which is free to move in all directions, will produce to each other on a right and left, which is free to move in all directions, will produce linear vibrations. When connected for contra - Rotaion so know this principle is adopted for handling large bulky material in large feeders.
This Vibrator motor stator frame is fabricated in steel or cost in spheroidal graphetic Iron and the windings / connections are properly reinforced to with stand the heavy vibrating forces. Vibrator motors can be adopted for conveyors and feeders for handling large quantities of materials is moved by linear force along with conveyor. Usually vibrator motors are fixed at an angle between 30° to 45° to the plane of the conveyor. This gives the system both upward and forward motion and horizontal vibrations to the tray which ensures a free, smooth, uniform and volumetric flow to the material that is fully variable.
Electro Mechanical Feeders
Electro Mechanical Feeder Specification